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Ten Things College Students Waste Money On

Just two decades ago, very few would have predicted the costs of a college education today. And unless parents have managed to put away a significant amount of cash, more and more students are financing their educations through grants and loans. Today, the average student loan debt, upon graduate with just a Bachelor’s degree, is about $36,000. And, this cumulative debt is about $1.3 trillion. It actually threatens the U.S. economy, as graduates delay marriage, home-buying, and other major purchases in order to make their loan payments.

Make Your Last Words Counts. How to Finish Your Thesis Strongly?

You have run the great race of academia and now you want the coveted role as Dr. in your field. Well, those Ph. D. letters come with a great price. You must write your dissertation. It is the one paper that you have never written and by the time many are faced with it they ask what they have gotten themselves into.




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