Questions about our service

What makes OkDissertations.com stand out from the rest?

We promise great service and fast deliveries, yet that is not what sets us apart. Aside from being in the top tier of dissertation service providers, we also value our relationships with our clients. They are not just consumers to us; they are family. We build trust and loyalty by providing them with quality products that can help them excel in school, thereby allowing them to live a better life outside of their academic careers. At Ok Dissertations we also have a lot of disounts  and seasonal offers in order to make it even more easy for customers to make an order from us. 

Are extra fees charged for revisions?

Our policy on revisions is published on our site. In general, you may ask for revisions if you are not happy with any part of your product, and these are free. There are rare exceptions to this. If your revisions constitute a change from your original instructions, then there will be a fee. For example, if you made a mistake on the number of required resources, and your writer will now have to add another one, this requires additional work. There will be a charge for this. The vast majority of revision requests are minor and free, because clients and writers communicate all along the way.

How do I order a dissertation paper from you?

The process is quite simple. First, you may visit our home page and browse through our various services. Choose one and place an order directly on the website. If you would like to verify our authenticity, you may contact our customer service representatives and ask questions that they would be more than qualified and happy to answer.

The next steps will be outlined below:

  1. The team will find a writer that fits the bill for your work order.
  2. We will require you to provide all the information necessary in order for our writers to produce your dissertation paper.
  3. The chosen writer will receive specific instructions on how your dissertation paper should be written.
  4. The paper will be submitted on or before the agreed deadline.
  5. The representatives will also collaborate with you about the research materials used.

How can I prove that you are a legitimate company?

Our company is registered online and our presence is very much consistent in the online sphere. Feedback from clients and review services will attest that we are who we say we are. Our payment options are also secure, which means that any deviation from our contract will render our business obsolete because you can get a refund after a complaint for dispute.

Why aren’t there many OkDissertations.com reviews?

Client reviews are sparse because they prefer to keep their identities private. Anonymous reviews are hardly useful, which is why you can rely on professional review sites instead. If you would like to feel more secure, we offer samples that you can verify using anti-plagiarism apps or grammar-checking apps as well.

Do you have writers for any and all subjects?

We do. We have gathered together a diverse team of expert writers. All of them are experts in their fields, owed to their PhDs and Masters Degrees. If you require a writer to produce a dissertation paper on a difficult topic, our team will find the perfect match for you.

What happens if I do not like the work you gave me?

If a client is not satisfied with the dissertation or thesis paper we provide, we offer revisions, editing, and proofreading services with the order. Simply contact our customer service representatives and ask them what you would like to change. If it is a full revision, you may not use the drafts given to you at any time or else you may face legal action.

How can I be sure that you will not plagiarize my dissertation or thesis?

Plagiarism is extremely easy to detect nowadays, even without the premium access other sites and apps offer. You may check the paper yourself or send it through a plagiarism checker service for your peace of mind. We only ask that the contents stay private, as well as the source, meaning us.

Can I get a higher grade with your dissertation papers?

Of course. That is our biggest goal as a dissertation writing company. Most of our clients want to get a good grade, but we can offer them more than that. We can give them the proper learning materials and skills needed to get a legitimate grade without having to cheat or plagiarize any material online or in print.

Is my account and order safe from public eyes?

Yes. We take our client’s privacy very seriously. Any personal information that passes through our site for payment goes directly to the third party processor, i.e. credit card processors, e-payment processors, etc. Your name and number will only be archived in our servers, which are secure and locked tight using encryptions and firewalls.

Am I required to divulge that I am using a writing service?

You are allowed to divulge that information at your own discretion. We are a public company, but your transaction with us remains private unless you decide otherwise. Because we do not condone cheating, plagiarism, or fraud, you may not submit our dissertation paper and claim it as your own. We are only here to guide and assist using our papers. Once you order one, you can easily produce your own using our outlines and provisions. Otherwise, the company is not liable for the consequences of your actions regarding informing your university about the transaction you made with us.


How can I be assured that my instructions will be followed?

When you fill out your order form, you will be asked for every detail that you need/want to give us. We pass that form onto your writer. If your writer needs any clarification s/he will contact you directly. You can also add more detail and pass that directly on to your writer. And, when you receive your final drafts(s), if any detail has been omitted, you simply request the revision you need, and it will be completed for you.

Will I know the writer who is assigned to produce my work?

You and your writer are both assigned an ID number for privacy purposes. During the course of completing a long and complex work, such as a dissertation, our clients and their writers will often address each other on a first-name basis. You will be able to ask your writer about his/her background and qualifications, and they are happy to give you all of that information.

Where do your writers reside?

Our writers are all graduate of English-speaking institutions all over the world. Many of them have worked in universities around the globe too. They may therefore live anywhere. We do not have any residency requirements for our writers.

How do you guarantee your writers are qualified?

We have a rigorous selection process for all of our writers. They must submit their academic credentials, and we verify them. We also administer and English grammar and composition examination. Beyond that, we assign them an original piece of research writing to complete, which is then evaluated by our editors. Only after a candidate has passed through all of these processes are they offered a job with us. In many instances, we will ask our candidates for access to their theses or dissertations.

How do I know my assigned writer is qualified to write my order?

We have a large database of writers with degrees in all academic disciplines. When a client orders a thesis or a dissertation, we will only assign a Ph.D. researcher/writer from the field of the ordered work. If ever we should not have a fully qualified writer when an order is placed, we notify the client right away. We never assign an unqualified writer to an order.

What is your experience in custom dissertation writing?

We have been in business for a few years now, and we did not launch our service until we had the Ph.D. academics who have not only written their own dissertations but who have a history of producing custom dissertations for others. Every Ph.D. writer is an experience researcher and writer and fully expert in all of the sections/chapters that must be produced.

Can you guarantee confidentiality?

Absolutely. First, our site itself is protected with the latest security systems and firewalls. Second, we encrypt all personal information of our clients. Third, we never share any personal information of any client with a third party. There is no way for anyone to know that you have used our service, unless you choose tell them.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes, we do have a published “money-back” policy, and we suggest that you review it. It is quite rare that a client requests a refund, because we have all of the communication processes in place that prevent client dis-satisfaction. You can request as many revisions to a final draft as you want until you are satisfied. There are a few rare instances in which refunds are given. If a writer emergency prevents completion, for example, and we have to assign another writer, there may be a delay, and we will usually provide a pro-rated refund for the inconvenience or tardiness. Again, this is quite rare and has only occurred on just a few occasions.

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