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The rationale for the application of specific procedures and techniques used to digest the primary and secondary sources to find a resolution to the problem or issue introduced is called the methodology. An effective methodology introduces the overall process of investigating the research problem of your dissertation and specifies how you gathered all the information you have about the subject matter and how you analyzed the information available accordingly.

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How to Write a Methodology Chapter for your Dissertation

Why is it important for readers to know the methodology of the dissertation? Mainly because the process in which the data and information are gathered affects your findings and interpretations. You also have to explain why you are choosing this particular method among the rest of the choices. You have to keep in mind that the methodology plays a very important role in your dissertation because it can make or break the paper.

The Two Main Groups of Research Methods

Your dissertation methodology can either be empirical or interpretative. The empirical approach uses evidence as a basis. It means working on a hypothesis that can be observed and experimented. On the other hand, the interpretative approach offers insights on a given fact.

Tips on How to Write an Effective Methodology

An effective methodology for dissertation should present the overall methodology used to investigate or address the research problem and explain why this is the perfect approach to use for the dissertation. The suitability of the methodology must be confirmed to ensure that the problem will be addressed. Make sure to describe every survey, interview, or questionnaire that will be utilized in the study and explain how you intend to analyze the results of which.

Additionally, some methods may not be familiar to your readers so it is important that you, at least, explain to them and provide a background for each. Make sure to also justify every method you will use in the process and define in detail how you will go about it. If there will be known limitations to the dissertation, make sure to present these as well as how you intend to address these limitations.

Similarly, there are certain things to avoid to keep your methodology effective. For one, avoid irrelevant detail. While your methodology has to be thorough, it also has to be to the point. Like any other parts of the dissertation, make sure to include only relevant information leading to you choosing the particular method.

Secondly, you do not have to necessarily explain all the basic procedures – only those that are not familiar to your readers. In other words, you only have to focus on explaining how you are going to apply the method and not how you came up with the method. Note, however, that if you elected an approach that is not familiar to your readers, you will have to explain why you have chosen this method and how this is the best option to address your problem.

Thirdly, do not hesitate to let your readers know about the problems you encounter. Document these problems as well as how you intend to overcome or how you have overcome these problems.

Differentiating Methods and Methodology

In writing dissertation methodology chapter, it is best to know first what differentiates it from methods. A method is a tool to do your research while a methodology is a discussion of the rationale of why you chose to use these methods.

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