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Every thesis or dissertation begins with a proposal and ends with a finished product that must be scholarly and provide a contribution to the academic field of the writer. In between are sections and/or chapters that must follow your department guidelines. And they must be approved by advisors or committees.

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No matter what part of your work is causing you stress, we have a Ph.D. consultant in your field who will get it you through it. Depending on your institution or department, you will be tasked with the following sections or chapters, and there will be deadlines for each one. 

Proposal for Dissertation: This is the beginning, but a lot of work takes place before this is written. You will have to decide on a topic area, so initial research, and then devise a scholarly research question to pursue. The proposal writeup must be submitted and approved before you can move on. It will need to include your question, a justification for why it is important to your field, some research background, a cursory explanation of your research design/methodology, and a timeline for completion of each section. Many Ph.D. candidates re-write their proposals several times before final approval. You can avoid all of those re-writes with an expert consultant from OK Dissertations.

Dissertation Introduction: Here you will introduce your reader to your research question, justify it, and pique interest. Your OKDissertations consultant can craft an introduction that is both compelling and engaging.

Dissertation Literature Review: this is the least pleasant part of your work, for you have to basically writer a large research paper, discussing all previous research that relates to your topic. When you use a consultant from your academic field who is familiar with the most current and relevant research, you will save yourself hours upon hours of labor.

Dissertation Methodology: This is the meat of your work, for it explains how you designed your original research, the instruments you used, and why those instruments are valid. You will also implement the research and collect the data that will be analyzed. While your OKDissertations cannot do the research for you, s/he can assist with your instrument design and presentation of your data so that the reader has an accurate and comprehensive understanding or that data.

Dissertation Analysis and Discussion Chapter: Now you have to show, through analysis of our data that there is significance in what you have done and exactly what that significance is to your knowledge field. This can be tricky, but not if your personal consultant is there to help and guide you.

Writing a Conclusion: you have tie it all up, summarize the significance of what you have done and point future researchers in directions that will build on your work. This chapter must be as compelling and engaging as the conclusion. All of our consultants have produced many exceptional conclusion chapters.

Other Important Services

Editing and Proofreading: No one should ever edit and proofread his/her own dissertation. You are just too “close” to it to pick up structural and grammatical errors. When you use our services, you get a Ph.D. editor in your field who can give a totally objective review.

Formatting Services: This is another tedious job and one in which there are often mistakes – it requires great attention to detail. Use one of our formatters, and the task is “off your plate.”

Thesis Writing Services: We can provide all candidates for Master’s degrees with Ph.D. consultants who will help with any or all sections of the work.

Other Academic Help: Long before students get to the thesis and dissertation stages of their educational careers, there are essays, papers, reviews, case studies, lab reports, and tough coursework assignments, especially in STEM areas. Students can call upon OK Dissertations for help with anything.

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