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You Should Know a Bit About Us

OK Dissertations is one of the “newer kids on the block.” There is a reason for this: we did not want to begin offering dissertation research and writing until we were fully staffed with Ph.D. writers, the best customer service on the planet, and all of the processes in place to make your experience perfect. Once we put all of that together, we were ready to open our doors, and we have since become one of the most popular and recommended writing services in the business.

Here are some of the basics that make us such a premier writing service:

  1. Ph.D. Researchers and Writers

While we offer other college writing services, our primary focus is on dissertation help. As we said above, we insist upon writers with Ph.D. degrees in the fields for which we have them work with clients. These are verified, of course, and our Ph.D.’s come from top level, reputable and accredited universities. Many are retired professors or are currently working in their degree fields.

A dissertation writing company that uses anything less than Ph.D.’s is short-changing their clients, and there are many out there, so be careful. We guarantee our writers’ credentials and degrees and their backgrounds of providing expert dissertation and thesis writing help.

  1. The Principles That Guide All We Do

We launched our business with one overall mission - to serve students, especially grad students, as they moved through the process of producing their dissertations and theses. We have “been there and done that” and understand the challenges and the struggles.

We also knew that, if we committed to our clients, they would keep coming and our business would grow. This is exactly what has happened, and here is why:

  • Every client becomes a part of our “family” of academics.
  • Family members are open, transparent, and communicate often. And that is just what we do. Once you become a client, you and your Ph.D. consultant communicate directly. You are involved and included in every step that is taken on your behalf.
  • We are the “back-up.” If there are any issues, questions, or challenges, we are here to answer and resolve.
  • We do not cease our work for you until you have exactly what you want and are thrilled with the results of your consultant’s work. There is a bit of selfishness here too. We want you to leave knowing that you can honestly and enthusiastically recommend us to others. That is the backbone of our marketing – satisfied clients who tell others about us.
  1. Our Guarantees

 A professional dissertation writing service cannot serve its clients well without written guarantees. We have those guarantees, so you know exactly what to expect as you work with us.

  • You will have a private confidential account through which you will hold discussions with your consultant.
  • You are guaranteed complete confidentiality as you use our service. Your identity and other personal information is encrypted, and we have the latest in security features. We have never had a breach of our system.
  • You are guaranteed that you will be fully satisfied with any work product you receive from us. If you are not 100% happy, you have the right to request revisions until we have met your expectations.

The name of our company is a bit of a misnomer. We are anything but just “OK.” With our exceptional, qualified, and highly professional researchers/writers, our commitment to meeting every client’s expectations, and our level of transparency, we believe we are actually the best place for dissertation assistance.

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