Revision Policy


Our company is composed of highly qualified professional writers and editors and we take pride with the quality of our work.  We do not leave our clients unsatisfied that is why we always make sure to deliver a dissertation work free of errors as much as possible. However, the need for revisions is sometimes inevitable if the dissertation does not meet up the expectation, requirements or instructions completely.

General Policy

  • All clients must first read, understand and agree with the terms and conditions before placing an order.
  • We are not accountable for any consequences that resulted from lack of important details that clients failed to provide. It is the clients’ responsibility to provide all essential information and proper instructions to complete the revisions.
  • We will provide endless revisions only if we fail to comply with the instructions or requirements given by the clients.
  • No additional work shall be taken that are not specified during the placement of order prior to revisions.
  • Additional work shall be charged with additional fees based on the kind of work, percentage of modification, number of words and urgency of the work.

How to Request for Revisions

Requesting for revisions or placing an order is easy. Clients just have to send the writer or us a message with all essential information or instructions for the revision and the time frame.

Revision Time Frames

We try our best to provide clients with the highest quality of work at a reduced time frame for revisions. However, in some cases, our writers might need more time to review and revise the work especially for work with over 5000 words.

  • Clients are entitled to request for a revision after 15 days of delivery for 250-5000 words of work or there will be additional charge.
  • For work that are above 5000 words, clients are given 30 days after delivery to ask for revisions or there will be additional charge.
  • 4-8 hours deadline: Clients with this kind of urgent need can ask for revision as soon as they get the work. We will try our best to revise the work in 2 to 4 hours depending on how much changes shall be made and the number of words needed.
  • 24 hours deadline: Clients placing an order with 24 hours deadline can ask for revision as soon as the work is delivered, but the revision will be sent in 24 hours since the time of revision was requested.
  • 24-48, and 48-72 hours deadline: Clients placing an order with 24-48, and 48-72 hours deadline can ask for revision as soon as the work is delivered, but the revision will be sent in 24 hours since the time of revision was requested.
  • For work with 5000 words or over, clients should give us 3-5 days to review and revise the work.

Modifications to Instructions for Revisions

We do not usually take work that is not specified during the placement of order. However, if necessary, we will allow clients to modify their instructions for revisions for a little extra charge, depending on changes made and urgency.

Request for Change of Writer

We employ the best writers and we don’t think that a request for change of writer is necessary. However, we will allow it on certain cases. When the writer already made at least 2 revisions of your requested work and the end result still did not meet up your expectations and requirements. We will find you a new one when you provide us with valid reasons why you are not satisfied with the work of the current writer.


Clients can request a refund on the conditions that he/she had already asked for a revision at least once for an order with an urgent time frame and still not satisfied with the result. We require clients to provide us with valid arguments to prove their claims so we can process the refund.

Restrictions on Refund

We always take every dispute personally and try to find solution that can work for both the clients and us. Clients can request for their money to be refunded after submission of request that includes all valid points and arguments. Again there should be an attempt to revise the work at least once for urgent cases and twice for those whose deadlines are more than 24 hours.

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