Terms of Use


The terms and conditions herein state all the requirements and regulations for the use of okdissertations.com. Anyone who accesses the site or uses its contents in any way automatically agrees to all the terms and conditions of the site.

Definition of Terms

I. Parties Involved in this Agreement

  1. The terms “you,” “your,” and “you’re” mean you, as any individual who access and use the website okdissertations.com.
  2. The terms “user,” “they,” “their” and “they’re” also mean the users who access the website.
  3. The terms “we,” “our,” “ours,” and “us” mean the website, its owners, administrators and anyone affiliate with this website.

II. Site Contents

  1. The term “content” refers to any media – images, videos, audios, and any text that is contained on our site, okdissertations.com.
  2. The term “our content” refers to any content that we, owners and administrators, publish on the site.
  3. The term “user content” refers to contents any user or visitors may publish on our site.
  4. The term “third party content” refers to any contents published by any third party that is not affiliated with our site.

III. Amendments to the Terms and Conditions

Our site, okdissertations.com, its owners and administrators, have all the rights to make amendments to the terms and conditions when deemed necessary and without prior notice. However, users who provided us with their email address shall receive notifications regarding news and any change made on the site. All changes are effective as soon as they are published.

IV. Your use of Okdissertations.com

  1. Eligibility: To be able to use our website and understand its terms and conditions, our basic age requirement for users is 18 years old. Any users discovered to be under the age of 18 shall be prohibited to use the site or access any of its contents.
  2. Risks: Any users/visitors may use or access our website at their own risk. We will not be held accountable for any false, inappropriate or malicious use of any contents that users may publish or use in any way.
  3. User Accounts: Anyone who wishes to use the site, access and publish contents must register and set-up a password-protected account. Users are responsible for keeping their password safe to protect and maintain their accounts. Users should immediately inform site administrators if they believe their passwords have been compromised.
  4. Integrity: Users are limited to one account only and they should provide all the necessary details needed to set-up one. They also agree to use the site and access its data for personal use only.
  5. Use of the Account: The use of the site and its contents are for personal, non-commercial purposes only. Users are not allowed to distribute or use any contents for any commercial purpose.

V. Content Accountability

  1. Contents published: We are not responsible for any content published by our users on our site. Users should also understand that permanent deletion of posted content is not always possible. Once the content has been published and accessed by other users, we won’t be held liable for any consequences.
  2. Website’s Right to User Content: We have the right to the full use or access of any content posted or published on our site. Users agree that contents may be re-published or modified by us or other users.
  3. User’s Use of Our Contents: As per Copyright Law, we own all contents that we publish on our site. You agree not to use, distribute or share, sell or lease any of our content.
  4. Advertisements: We have the right to place advertisements anywhere around the site, which may include the space around any content that you might publish.
  5. RSS and Atom Feeds: Users may access contents through RSS or Atom feeds and share them on social media pages. Also, we do not agree, endorse or support the contents shared or the opinions of the users regarding them. Any user who chooses to use our feed must give us due credits or attributions. Users are required to obtain our permission, should they wish to use our contents for any other purposes.
  6. Disclaimer: We do not agree, endorse or support any content that users publish on our site. We will report to legal authorities and take legal actions if the content posted on our site is proven to be false, malicious, inappropriate or offensive. We also have the right to modify or delete any content that user has published at any time at our own discretion.

VI. Policies and Guidelines

Users agree that they have read and understand these terms and conditions along with other policies and guidelines that we have published on the site. Users should also agree and understand the following:

  1. Third Parties: We have the right to distribute your information or content to third parties when we deemed necessary.
  2. Copyright: We abide by the Millennium Digital Copyright Act and we shall report any user that violates any of its terms. We will delete any content and block the user’s access to our site.
  3. Plagiarism: We will notify the original owner the content that has been plagiarized by other user, and supply the owner with the information of the said user.
  4. User Obligation: Users are obliged to report to us any content or users who are in violation of any laws. We will investigate and disable the content until we’re done with our investigation.

VII. Third Party Links, Tools and Applications

We have the right to place third-party links on our site, but we do not guarantee the safety of such third-party sites or entities. When users choose to access the third-party site, they assume all risk and are no longer protected by our policies.

VIII. Holding Harmless

Users automatically agree to indemnify and hold harmless our site, its owners and administrators for any ramification of their use, including any negative consequences for fraud or misuse of content by other users. They also agree to not hold us liable for any legal action that may be brought against them for any illegal activity, and also for any harm that may result from accessing third-party sites. Users are also responsible for any legal fees incurred as a consequence for the action being taken against them.

IX. Termination of Users

We have the right to terminate user accounts, prohibit or block any user at any time. Users may still appeal the decision and contact us. We still have the rights to retain and use any content of terminated users.

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