Money Back Guarantee


Because we believe in trust and stability within the community, we aim to be as transparent as possible with our financial transactions. Our company offers full and partial refunds, depending on the situation. We want all of our customers to be satisfied with our service. This is why we give them the security of knowing that their money will be returned should they feel that we did not deliver our resources will enough.

Reasons why we allow refunds:

  • The dissertation was not delivered on time.
  • The dissertation was found to be plagiarized.
  • The dissertation did not meet the client’s imposed standards.
  • The dissertations revision was not satisfactory to the client.
  • The customer service representatives did not respond efficiently, which led to the dissertation becoming obsolete or unpresentable.

Our policies allow reimbursements and refunds within a set period of time. First, we must consider the dispute and see if it has any bearing. We cannot just give refunds for people who want their money back for no proper reason.

If the company deems the client’s claims legitimate, we will offer to revise the paper from start to finish or we will offer a partial or full refund. The amount to be reimbursed will be based on the severity of the complaint and the outcome of the discussions of the dispute.

Cancelling an Order

If a client decides to cancel an order before our writer has begun the process of the research and dissertation creation, a full refund will be given.

If a client cancels an order after the writer has begun the process for the dissertation or thesis, the reimbursement will be based on the amount of work that has already been done. For example, if the writer has finished 50% of the paper, the client will only receive half of their full payment.

If a client cancels an order after the paper has been completed, they will receive a reimbursement fee that will be decided on by our dispute team. We will not refund the full amount at any time in a situation such as this.

What if I paid for a paper twice?

As rarely as this happens, we will always refund double transactions. We do not accept payments for orders that are not needed by our clients.

No one was available to write my paper

In cases like these, we give our clients the option of getting a full refund or waiting until we can match them with the appropriate writer. We cannot assign clients to writers, who are inept in the specific field of study that is being requested. Due to the huge amount of orders we receive, this may happen occasionally. In our experience, it does not occur that often.

Issues with Lateness

In order to avoid issues like later dissertations and revisions, we do our best to update our writers on a regular basis within a 24-hour period. We want to know that your paper is on its way and at the same time, we want out writers to develop proper work ethic.

Another way to avoid issues like these is for the client to provide everything needed to complete the dissertation and thesis they asked for. These include instructions, materials provided by your professors, your notes, and other necessary details to finish the dissertation on time.

What if I received a late dissertation?

When a writer fails to submit a dissertation on time, the site takes full responsibility of the situation. We will give the client an offer for a discount or a revision. If not, we will consider a reimbursement, only if it was the writer’s fault. If it is found that the client failed to do their part – i.e. give the necessary instructions, proper directions, etc. – we will not refund the late dissertation paper.

What about late revisions?

The same goes for revisions. We will look through the process, see who is at fault, and determine whether or not a reimbursement is called for.

Satisfaction Guarantees

Our money back guarantee also covers overall ratings of our clients of the dissertations and theses they receive. If they are not satisfied with the quality, grammar, context, or content of our papers, they may ask for a partial of full refund depending on the situation.

What if I don’t like the paper and I want to do my own revisions?

In instances like these, we also consider the reasons as to why the client chose this option. We will still offer to revise the paper or replace their writer, but we may also offer a partial refund instead.

What if I absolutely don’t like the paper and want a full refund?

If this happens, you may ask for a free revision or ask to be assigned to a different writer. After we review the situation, we may still provide a full refund – provided that the reasons are legitimate and not for the purpose of scamming our company.

Do you refund other services as well? Like editing, proofreading, etc.

Yes, we do. We want our customers to be satisfied with the level of quality of our dissertations, especially when it comes to grammar usage and formatting. We will review the work and consider the amount of re-editing that is necessary. If we find that there are only a few mistakes, we will offer to revise the paper ourselves. If there are significant errors, we will transfer the client to a different writer instead. If the client is unsatisfied after the revisions, we will provide a reimbursement for the purchased add-on services.

How will we get our money back?

Since we are using third party payment processors, they will be informed about the request for the refund. You will receive your money – whether it is a partial or full refund – the same way you sent it, either using your credit card or any other third party payment processor.

We, at, ensure that our clients receive the best possible service, which includes feeling safe and secure when it comes to divulging their personal and financial information online. As is stated in our privacy policies, any private and personal information given by our clients will not be used in any way other than for payment and product delivery purposes.


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