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An abstract is a summary of the major parts of your dissertation. It includes the overall purpose of your dissertation, methodology, results, discussions, and your conclusion. Abstracts are often required along with the dissertation and are placed at the start of the paper so the readers will have an overview of what the dissertation is about.

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How to Write an Abstract for a Dissertation

Abstracts also serve to make your dissertation searchable to writers who intend to write about a similar topic. It is what they usually read to find out if it is a relevant material for the work they intend to do. This is why it is important to make it as complete yet as concise as possible. After all, time will always be of the essence.

Abstracts are often written in the active voice. It must also be written in the past tense as you are writing a dissertation that has already been completed already. That is to say, while the abstract is placed in the first section of your dissertation, it should be written last as a summary of your entire dissertation.

Difference of an Abstract from Thesis

To be able to write an effect abstract, you must first differentiate it from the thesis as these may look similar at the start but are two different things. The thesis presents the main idea or question to be answered for the rest of the dissertation. The abstract, on the other hand, is an overview or a summary of the entire paper including the results.

Given these definitions, you now know that theses are written at the start while abstracts are written in the end.

Types of Abstract Chapters

There are four types of dissertation abstracts: critical, descriptive, highlight, and informative. While all these abstract try to accomplish the same goal, it will be best for you to understand what they are and what they compose of so you can choose which one will be the most effective to use for your dissertation. That is if the type of abstract is not provided in the requirements. In which case, you must follow instructions to get a good mark for your paper.

A critical abstract is an evaluation of the dissertation; it provides judgment and comments on the paper. A descriptive abstract is an outline of the dissertation simply indicating what sort of information readers can find in the paper. A highlight abstract’s purpose is to catch the attention of the readers by putting in something that will spark their interest. Finally, an informative abstract includes all the major parts of your dissertation: purpose, methods, and scope. Among all the types, an informative abstract is what is usually required in academic writing.

Technical Requirements of an Abstract

Any dissertation or paper will have specific requirements as to how they have to be written. Before starting, you must first inquire about these requirements to avoid having some major editing by the end of your draft.

The questions to be asked are what would be the length of the paper, will there be any style requirements, or to which purpose will this dissertation serve?

Abstracts are usually 150 to 300-word long and written in double-spaced. It is recommended to keep the abstract as short as possible to make it visually coherent. Additionally, the structure of the abstract should be the same as the structure of the dissertation for consistency.

Editing, Proofreading, and Finalizing

Dissertations are an important requirement to earn your Ph.D. so make sure every part is perfect and free of any grammatical or spelling error. Once you are finished writing your abstract, make sure to edit and proofread it more than once. Check with the rest of the parts of your dissertation if you got your facts right. It might be helpful to have a friend or a classmate review it also to ensure that nothing is left out and everything is accounted for. A perfect abstract will contribute a lot to making your dissertation equally perfect.

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