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Writing a dissertation introduction is sharing the rationale behind the paper and how it is essential to the furtherance of the subject matter. Unlike an abstract, an introduction is not limited as to length although it should be as concise as possible. The main objective of the introduction is to present the research problem, thesis, and the hypothesis.

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How to Write an Introduction Chapter for your Dissertation

The introduction to your dissertation should start with a background of the subject matter. It can be based on a historical narrative including all the previous research studies done with regard to the subject. Make sure to include only relevant material – those that are necessary only to avoid a lengthy introduction.

The background builds up the rationale to any dissertations – whether it is going to confirm previous research studies, or fill up some missing pieces the previous ones left out, or to make clarifications of the previous studies. Whatever the purpose is, the thesis introduction should also present the methodology. That is the steps you are planning to take to address these concerns.

You can also present the scope and limitation of your dissertation. It is a good idea to caution your readers of the extent of your paper rather than making them wait until the discussion or end to find out what cannot be done. In other words, this is where you set their expectations. Similarly, this is also where you present your assumptions in which you will build your dissertation.

Tips on Writing an Introduction

A few tips that could help you craft an effective and interesting introduction is to keep it short, define the problem, and organize. Keeping your introduction short will retain the interest of your readers and avoid adding unnecessary materials that could only confuse your readers.

As already mentioned, the main purpose of your introduction is to present the research problem, thesis, and the hypothesis so it should logically end by expressly stating these. After all, the readers will be referring to these items when they get to the discussion and conclusion.

Lastly, do not forget to work with an outline. Creating an outline before writing introduction for thesis will help you organize your thoughts and avoid deviating from the point. A well-organized and well-written introduction will contribute largely to the perfection of dissertations.

How to Write an Attention-Grabbing Introduction

There are ways in which you can make your introduction as interesting as possible to grab the attention of your readers and convince them to read on. You can begin with a startling information, an anecdote, a dialogue, or a summary information.

What makes an information startling does not necessarily have to be new to the readers. It can be something that is factual and verifiable. Of course, you would have to elaborate this until your readers are lead to the background of the study.

An anecdote is simply a story that illustrates a point. While it can be an effective opener, you have to treat it with caution and make sure it is short and relevant to the subject matter of the dissertation.

A dialogue is similar to an anecdote in a sense that it tells a story leading to the point. Similarly, the idea is to keep it as short as possible and should include only relevant conversations. You can choose to quote the speakers or not, it is up to your discretion.

Lastly, a summary information is what its title says it is. It is a summary of the dissertation in the most general way as possible that eventually becomes more specific until you get to the background of the study.

Whichever attention grabber you choose, make sure to elaborate a little so your readers will get the point of it all. Remember, the attention grabber is not a simple ornament to your dissertation. It serves a purpose of attracting readers but not to put them off by choosing something that is totally irrelevant to the study.

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