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Why is a disclaimer necessary?

Disclaimers allow us to explain to the general public that OkDissertations.com is not a cheating website. The idea of cheating only applies to those who break a rule or a law. Many prospective clients are reluctant to hire dissertation service companies like ours because they perceive it as cheating.

For many, it is a battle of their inner morality, but our services are not meant to cheat or deceive anybody. We serve those who need help in their writing assignments. Our clients are not lazy or deceitful. They are simple students, who need to pass their classes in order to get ahead in life.

How is hiring a dissertation writer not considered cheating?

A company like ours does not spin a dissertation out of thin air. We hire expert writers, who are tasked to collaborate with our clients. This process, although protected for the privacy of our clients, involves a significant investment from the client. It is not just their money that they are investing, but their time as well.

Clients need to collect information, gather notes in class, listen intently to their teacher’s instructions, and organize all of these in detail. With this process, they are already learning more than enough for their class. Our job, as a dissertation service, is to assist them in putting it all together to create an academically viable piece of work.

It is neither plagiarism nor fraud, if the student is actively participating in the process of the dissertation writing. What we do at OkDissertations.com is buy the students time. This is time needed to rest, to learn more, and to focus on other academic activities and assignments. Few students can afford to buy all of their papers, which means that they are not in the business of faking their way through college or graduate school.

What about the general rules of writing your own paper?

The business of assisting students in writing papers like these is considered lawful and legal all over the globe, provided that the student uses the material as a resource instead of the final product to be submitted to their institution.

Our dissertations, although legitimate and precise, are for the purpose of studying and producing one’s own take on their essay. The dissertations serve as the proper guide for their project, which lessens the time it takes to write one from scratch. The benefit of our products is that students no longer need to spend sleepless nights looking for one reference out of a million.

We write proper dissertations because it gives students the necessary information in a concise and formatted way. This is much more advantageous for them, as opposed to going through dozens of books – some of which may not be available or cannot be afforded by their allowances or salaries.

Students may use our products any way they please, but it is not meant to be submitted as the final paper. They must use it as a reference only. Should they submit it to their school, our company is not in any way liable for any issues or legal ramifications.

Why blaming dissertation writing companies has no basis

Although most people think that services like ours promote plagiarism and academic fraud, we believe that we are actually providing a service that is legitimate and beneficial for each and every client. The clients who come to use are looking assistance, not an easy way out. They are usually bombarded with issues relating to their personal lives, academic careers, or social lives. The most common problem we encounter, however, is their inability to write proper dissertations as well as their lack of time and energy due to their constraining schedules.

How does it affect the students’ grades and the professors’ reactions?

Most services like ours give students an outline on how they can build their dissertation using our references. Because of this, they can work on their own dissertation quickly enough without having to go through the motions of the same process they have to work on when working on their thesis, investigative essays, etc.

Students usually only ask for papers once or twice, which does not affect their entire academic experience. These individuals know what they are asking for and they know the risk they are taking when they choose to submit the work that we create for them. It is their job to determine whether or not they will stick to their word that they will not submit our final dissertation.

Apart from that, it is our job not to coddle our clients. We give them an explanation of how these things work, ergo the disclaimer. We require them to adhere to the terms and conditions, as well as the privacy policies we enact as well. This is done in order to avoid such issues that may involve the company in a bad light.

To prevent that from happening, we build a strong and trust-based relationship with our clients and we encourage them to learn from our products, rather than use it for the sole purpose of submitting it as their own work.

How do the writers and researchers apply their skills?

Our employees are trained not to give our clients a sense of entitlement when it comes to their dissertation orders. They are merely providing a detailed provision of how a dissertation must look like, which prompts the students to remodel it in their own style – which is exactly what their professors will expect. Our job is simply to help them avoid any mistakes, help them save time, and correct their errors, if they wish for their dissertation to be edited.

Is it safe to use OkDissertations.com?

Of course. However, students must understand that they are bound by the rules, regulations, and laws that govern their school and location. They must acknowledge that our papers are not meant to be submitted as theirs, or else they may get in trouble. At that point, the company can no longer help them, as is our goal in the first place.

If a student is desperate enough to use our material as theirs, we implore them to think twice about it. It may cost them their future, but our assistance and help will help guide them in making the right decisions. For those who truly need help with their dissertation writing, OkDissertations.com will be right here waiting.

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