Privacy Policy


This document provides users a clear explanation regarding the information that we collect and how we use them. It is the responsibility of all users to read, review and understand this policy to be fully aware of our procedures regarding privacy.

Types of Information

  1. General Information: we collect data such as the IP addresses, pages visited and the amount of time the user spent on each pages and the browser used every time users access our site. All data and information collected are used to modify and improve our site and our user experiences. 
    However, we still use cookies. They are active while users are on our site but are immediately terminated when they leave We make it easier for users who store their login information for easier access by placing a “consistent cookie.” They may choose to disable this at any time, but doing so may affect the user experience.
  2. User Personal Information: Users who register and set-up an account on our site must provide complete details of for their personal profile. This enables them to access and engage in all site activities. This also allows them to connect with other users, send them messages, search profiles, take part in conversations ad discussions, and to post comments, feedback and information on their own profile page and share them with other users. Users should notify us if there are any changes made regarding their personal information.

Posting of Contents

Users post content at their own risk. They have the option to set their own privacy setting in order to limit the access of other users to certain contents and pages. We will not be held liable for content that others may post on user’s pages, and in rare cases wherein “hackers” get through our system and obtain access to pages.

Users may delete any content from their pages at any time when they wish. However, they also understand that the content has been published publicly on our site and other users may have accessed it. We are not responsible for any consequences if other users accessed and shared any of the contents posted or published by you.

Users automatically agree to all terms and conditions of the site when they access and use the site. Users, who violate the restrictions regarding publishing of the content, shall face suspensions or termination of the account. We can also take legal actions against violators. It is also the responsibility of any user to report to us any users violating any content restrictions.

Site Invitations

Any user can invite anyone to join our site by sending invitation request via our invitation service. We will then contact that individual you invited via email and invite him/her in your name. We will store the contact information of that individual and may contact him/her in the future.

Transfer of your Personal Information

Users automatically agree that their information will be stored and transferred through the United States.

Restrictions for Users Under the Age of 13

Our site,, does not allow anyone under the age of 13 to access, use or register on our site. We will terminate the account of any user under the age of 13 and completely remove all personal information from our system. However, if they wish to re-join, they may contact us and provide us a notarized statement from a parent or guardian stating that they were given permission to do so.

When Do We Share User Information

The following are instances of when users’ information are shared by us:

  • When users make a purchase on our site, the information will be forwarded to a third party secure processor.
  • If any legal authority requests for your contact information for investigation purposes, we will be forced to provide it.
  • We will share your information to any legal authority if we discovered that you have violated any laws through the use of our site or through the contents that you have published on our site. The terms and conditions state all the content restrictions and possible violations. Users are responsible to make themselves aware of these by reviewing them.
  • If the ownership of the site should be transferred, all contact information of the user will be transferred as well. The terms of this Privacy Policy will still be in effect until changes are made by the new ownership. We will notify the user if such event occurs.

When Users Share their Own Information with Third Parties

We are not aware of the practices and privacy policies of third party that users were able to access from our site. Any information shared to third parties is beyond our control and we will not be held responsible for any consequences of such action.

Third-Party Links On Our Site

Users may connect to the third parties through the links found in our site. However, those sites have their own privacy policies and terms and conditions that we are not aware of. You access third parties on our sites at your own risk and with full responsibility for any consequences that may take place.

Modifying or Deleting Information

We provide users editing tools to give them the freedom to change any or their information or set their profile options. If you delete any content that you have previously published, it will no longer show up on your pages. However, that content was public for a time, and others may have accessed or shared that content.

Our Site Security strive to protect the privacy of our user by using the most current security measures in place to protect user information – this includes a fully secure server with firewalls. Any content users post, their profile, emails and messages that sent or received are not protected by any security. We bear no responsibility for information shared by users through any of these means.

Our Policies are Binding

When you choose to access or use our site, you are also agreeing to be bound by both the Terms and Conditions Agreement and by this Privacy Policy. Your use of our site further states that you have read and understand all of the details of our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Any amendments to either our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions Agreement will be published on our site. We will also notify our users through email of such changes. Changes are effective as soon as they are published and users are bound to them at the time of notifications.

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