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Nurse Educator Philosophy Statement

Wonderful writer. Got me an A + on my paper !

January 18, 2021

Applying the Tripartite Model

loved the writer's work and did an excellent job.

January 12, 2021

The History of Nursing Education

perfect grade!!

January 12, 2021

Innovation, Opportunity and Entrepreneurship

Amazing piece of work! Thank you so much.

January 09, 2021

Dangers of circular reporting


December 24, 2020

managing people at work


December 21, 2020

Career and Major Exploration Paper

I was stuck in a bunch of final papers and i need to spare some time of mine. He/She did a good job, beyond my expectation! @@ Highly recommend!!

December 11, 2020

Business Ethics

Did what was asked. Had to correct some grammar & inconsistencies. Supposed to be a Junior college level paper. Read more like a high school paper where you use the Microsoft Word thesaurus to add bigger words, but they don't end up fitting quite right. Did not seem like a native English speaker, based on the mistakes. Was done SEVERAL days early. Will NOT take a star away for the grammar issues. Site charges for a “proofread” option, so I expected I’d need to do it myself. Got a 38/40.

December 06, 2020

A brand will only succeed if the marketing mix convinces consumers that it satisfies their wants better than competing brands

The essay was excellent

December 06, 2020

3.1.1 Analyse your own role and responsibilities in education and training.

Good and prompt work

December 06, 2020

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