Patrol Officer

Posted: May 29, 2017

Patrol officer is someone, either male or female, who is appointed by the law of a country or a community to move to a city neighborhood or a town at a regular interval observing and securing the environment against a threat. This kind of work is done by either one person or a group of individuals assigned. The assigned lot would either be by foot, plane, car, ship, or fleet of the latter. The patrol officer or officers are either self-employed or hired. Independent patrols are those that offer their services to secure a certain perimeter against the enemies for free, or their services are paid for by the public without any middle person. Employed patrols are the individuals who are hired either by the non-governmental organizations, international organizations, companies, or the government to carry out the task. Where the patrol officer is located is either for the good of the community or wrong. Most of them respond to incidents that they have never experienced. The job, as it is to most officers, comes in ranks. The term rank means the officer is able and has the capability to offer more than what the other one can provide. Many officers can perform better than others, but some factors are affecting the limits of their productivities.

Various aspects affecting the patrol officers include working related issues. The working environment and complexities of the responsibilities of the job are only but the few they can mention here (Levering 2000). As they narrate their working environment, the patrol officers are the emergency first liners who are supposed to investigate crimes and also respond to accidents as first-hand reporters. The environment or, in simple terms, the conditions of working occasionally vary from one factor to another. Some of the factors might be the location of the patrol or incident, the number of patrolling officers and their levels and also the number of incidents reported at a particular time. This kind of job as the patrol officers’ record is both mentally and physically demanding. Talking about the complexities of the work, the patrolling officers work by full-time (Carey & Green, 2013). Their shifts sometimes turn from being temporary to full time. These full-time shifts sometimes go to overtime. Crimes being committed by thugs or accidents experienced by the innocent make the officers do extra work. Overtime at this point is very frequent to the officers and sometimes without pay. The officers being assigned overtime are the ones of a junior rank. The officers work sometimes all through the 24 hours and even during the weekends. The overnight shifts are the most dangerous working hours as it is documented by the security firms. Most assaults occur during the night, and that make the patrolling officers vulnerable to life-threatening situations.

The long working hours of the officers have proven to be family threatening (Moe & Shandy, 2010). Most patrol officers in our societies are married. A lot of them become psychologically disrupted during working hours due to family issues. With the low pay cheques and long working hours this disrupts their minds. This work of a patrolling officer is not one of the best careers in the planet. The patrolling officers with children who attend schools with same students of whom their parents are working with better companies or earn much more salary than the officer suffers from humiliations. These humiliations are transferred from the children to the parents after a lot of moments of frustrations. The failures of the children after being passed to the officers make them feel as if they are not worth helping the community assigned. These forms of humiliation demoralize the officers and make them underperform regarding duty. This officer can easily be bought by the people they are assigned to arrest. After a baby is born, every working man, being a parent is entitled to a paternity leave. Most of the officers don’t get such an opportunity of being with their newly born babies. Thinking of a person at work with his wife at home and a baby still very fragile is something that frightens the human race. He will never be alert at work or never will he concentrate on his job as a patrol officer. This is a challenge that can make an officer lose concentration in a car chase and even crush.

Injuries acquired by the patrol officers affect their performance in a very high percentage. A better percentage of people who get hurt during working hours are the law enforcement lot. The better part of the law enforcement crew who usually risk their lives while in combat are the patrol officers. They often get assaulted by thugs, thieves, corrupt, and even robbers. The officers are injured by trying to arrest the crooks or sometimes during crossfire between them and thugs. Being armed at war is something that people know works best. The patrolling officers at times get weapons of inferior quality or no threat to the risk being confronted (Mesloh, Henych, & Wolf, 2008). At some point, the officers get to deal with people on drugs and or the ones that are not mentally stable. The mental disturbed sometimes are not aware that these kinds of patrol officers are there to help them. They become very combative and even assault them.

Sickness is something that no human being is usually proud of, or no one ever prays to be with it. The patrolling officers, as all people, have no control over any disease. The officers sometimes get ill either during working hours or on the job. Still, he/ she is expected to conduct a rescue mission which requires someone with strength. Some of the errands run by the patrolling officers are not war related, but viruses are involved. They sometimes get exposed to healable or incurable diseases so as to save the lives of the innocent. Emergencies of the kind of accidents or medical do occur at odd times, and it is only the patrol officers who would be called in to curb the situations. Injuries are also situations that the officers don’t expect to have as they undergo their daily patrol routines. In the course of an officer going after a local store thief and gets bitten by the thief that might be called as a mere lack of the event. Sometimes officers pursue armed criminals who are heavily armed to the teeth with life taking machinery. The only thing usually helps the officers out of search situations are either by the experience of such cases or by sheer luck. Some officers are generally under armed while getting into a battle with the people prepared to die for the wrong course.

Due to the kind of job the patrolling officers do in their kind of line, some do suffer mentally, and these mental issues affect their performance in the working industry. In a scenario where a friend of an officer goes stealing from a local store and the first officer in the scene is the officer, the fight between them will either be impossible or biased. Killing or arresting the crook and recording statements of the occurrence will also be not accurate. At the same point, there are older patrol officers who are exposed to working conditions that are not conducive. Stress is one of the things that they undergo during their working hours (Stranks, 2005). Them being old and working in conditions as bad as fighting energetic young thieves can lead to heart attacks. The heart attacks are not due to the officers being unfit, but the overall stress of the job might cause more harm.

Being an officer, as earlier stated, is measured with ranks. As others are put on streets patrolling all night, others are based in top offices investigating crimes like murder, rape, and even burglary. Environmentally, the agency based officers have better chances of survival than the once on the ground. The officers manning the borders are to see that the boundaries of deserts, coastal areas, and the mountains are safeguarded against any form of threat. But as they do that, such places have a lot of dangerous gangs and criminals who try to do bad things to harm the citizens. At the borders, people tend to smuggle illegal things into the country by hook or by crook which in turn will give them money but harm the citizens in the said country. The officers get tempted with good amounts of money and other goodies as bribes to allow the illegal stuff into the country. The corrupt once do agree, but the strict once succumb to life threats or even get killed by the smugglers. At the desserts, there are groups of dangerous bandits who form cartels to rob people of their belongings. The officers get in the middle of their fights and might get injured. The coastal regions get threats from the pirates often. To safeguard the people from such things the patrol officers go out of their way to battle with the pirates who might have been better equipped than them.

Running after thieves who are physically fit is sometimes considered as a dangerous way of working. Patrol officers are supposed to have trained very well regarding combat and even running. Thieves don’t like to be caught and running is one way of evading the law. Getting an officer who cannot run for 30 minutes can lead to the crook escaping. Or even worse, the officer might cause harm to his or her heart while on the chase.

To the female patrol officers, the frequent issue portrayed by them is them being physically not at par with the male counterparts. The people operating in armed robbery mostly are male and at some point overpower the female officers regarding strength At that time the only things that helps the female patrol officers is their interpersonal skills or guns (Gluckstern & Wenner, 2009). This is because they cannot use excessive force on the masculine law breakers. Aggression acts or fights are things that they cannot use while trying to catch the thieves.

Responding to calls is one of the many job descriptions of the patrol officers. Calls can be urgent and alarming while others can be traps laid down by a group of gangs who wants to do away with the few good incorruptible officers. Children at their immature stage also do call the patrol hotline as their way of making fun of them. These fake calls can make an officer leave a very dangerous criminal to go while chasing to save a child who claims their house is on fire. Such acts irritate the officers and add stress to their job. The ones who respond to traps of deadly gangs only end up beaten severely and left to go after the message has been passed or even killed. At this point, the officers do their best to stay alive so that the people doing this are stopped. Responding to such calls is to be in pairs or groups of the patrolling officers. Also after noticing that the call is a trap, they usually call for back very fast so that they can be saved from the hands of the crooks.

In conclusion, the patrolling officers are the most influential people in our societies who are to be taken care of. Maintaining law and order in the modern societies while putting their lives at risk the way they do it is breathtaking. Working long hours with little pay and all those insecurities is not ungodly. They are to be paid well and given all the necessary equipment to safeguard their lives and those of their families.

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