5 Vital Things to Consider Before Writing a Dissertation

Posted: December 19, 2016 - to Study
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Getting a doctorate degree is not an easy road to take. Before getting that well-celebrated degree, there are numerous assignments and activities to take and pass or even get published. After which, you need to join a committee to do that one last paper to get that diploma and become a full-fledged doctor: writing a dissertation.

A dissertation is the final academic paper required before your attain a title of Doctor of Philosophy. This is a form of assessment from different module assessments. A scholar is responsible for his or her own learning and in producing a literature review. Furthermore, scholars will choose their own research topics and write and discuss their findings.

Here are 5 vital things to consider on how to write a dissertation:

1. Your PH.D Dissertation is not the last paper in your academic career

Dissertation writing is not the same as college writing. It requires a lot of effort and consumes a lot of your time. In reality, your PH.D Dissertation is not the last paper you will write in your academic career, but a door to more important contributions in the future.

As a scholar, writing a dissertation is a demonstration of your capabilities and an opportunity to make a mark in front of your colleagues, the faculty, and the university by impressing them with a great dissertation proposal correlated in your chosen field.  

2. Dealing with the pressure of dissertation writing

A PH.D dissertation is a complex academic paper. It entails surmountable research and a wide knowledge about your field of study, meaning pressure is somewhat inevitable.

It is no surprise that other scholars fail to finish the final requirement to get their diploma mainly because of procrastination and stress. Here are some tips to avoid pressure:

  • Having a clear mind before writing
  • Research
  • Thinking of a dissertation proposal that is relevant to your field of study
  • Having time management skills which includes writing your dissertation in fifteen minutes a day
  • Asking for dissertation writing help from your trusted colleagues and other online dissertation writing websites

What scholars need to keep in mind while doing their dissertation are the following:

  • Be goal-oriented
  • Focus
  • Writing discipline

Yes, a dissertation is tasking job, but always remember that getting your doctorate degree is what you have worked hard for. This means not getting overwhelmed with the load and to gather your energy in finishing the task.

3. Setting your goals

As discussed, a dissertation is only one of the many academic papers you will write in your entire academic career. Because doing this may broaden your knowledge about your field and at the same time a road to a colorful career in the field of academics

When you have finally overcome your pre-dissertation jitters, writing the first few paragraphs in your paper is an accomplishment. Always remember that dissertation writing comes with hardships and success.

  • Set your goal
  • Celebrate your success
  • Learn from your mistakes
  • Focus on the work
  • Don’t stop writing
  • Be inspired to write
  • Your dissertation can be a tool for other scholars

4. Choosing your topic

Now that we have established the personal fundamentals to jumpstart your dissertation, the next step is to find the topic of your research. Here’s what you have to do:

  • Finding a comprehensive literature review to broaden your initial knowledge about the research topic of choice
  • Modifying the primary research question to match to the existing literature
  • Developing a supplementary details and ample methodology to answer the research question
  • Directing the methodology to see whether it works
  • Gathering the research data by using the applicable methodology proven in the previous stage
  • Defining the best suitable method of data analysis and examining the data
  • Plotting conclusions and defining whether the data fittingly answers the research questions
  • Writing down your research

Finalizing that good topic is a hard cookie. Even before finalizing you dissertation proposal, you are required to be involved in your chosen field of study for months and in some cases for a whole year. In choosing the right topic, you need to be:

  • Show interest in the topic
  • Not force the topic
  • Enjoy the topic
  • Be passionate about the topic
  • Work hard
  • Produce quality content

To make things easier for you, try choosing a topic where in you have a wide are array of knowledge about, but on the other hand, you may brave yourself with a new topic to discover and gain more knowledge and invest a lot of effort. Doing so means:

  • Investing more of your time
  • Investing energy in research work
  • Finishing your research later than what you expect
  • Gaining new or more knowledge about new fields of study

 But to really focus on a field of study, you must consider on focusing on a subject matter that you are majoring in to not confuse your peers and yourself. But always keep in mind, that researching on new topics does not necessarily mean it is away from your field, discipline, or specialty, hence it is reflection of your basic education and knowledge.

5. Be a contribution to you field of study

The topic you want to work on should be informative and can be a great contribution in the field of academics. This means, discovering something of higher interest that will enthrall a wide array of audience. Think about endless possibilities and extend your capabilities to a maximum. Keep in mind of the following:

  • Your dissertation should reach an audience
  • Your dissertation should be well-written
  • Your dissertation should be well-researched
  • Your dissertation should give readers good insights
  • Your dissertation should not be based on lies
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