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America and the Great War

I got a C on my paper that I downloaded from this website... I SUCK at writing papers and have never gotten a C on a paper. I guess that is what I get for poor time management and not writing the paper myself...

April 22, 2017

corporatism in democracy

Overall a very well written essay. But should had what I would call an essay plan in the introduction. Meaning after the thesis statement, I would have put a sentence or two stating what will be discussed in the essay. Thankyou

April 18, 2017

Human Resourse Strategies
Research Paper

Instructions followed and work well written. Very satisfying

March 19, 2017

Transgenic Animals and the benefits to humans

A lot better after I had it revised and another writer jumped in. I appreciated how quickly they fixed the problem !

February 06, 2017

Focus on Concepts: Challenges to Authority


December 30, 2016

MDMA use for PTSD and Psychotherapy

This was my second time using these services and your team of writes never fail to impress! Great job and thank you for your excellent work!

December 11, 2016

Compare Beach and Mitchell's and Hogarth's decision-making models.
Research Paper

THIS PAPER IS GREAT! Thank you so much its great

November 11, 2016



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